What type of dogs are on the team?

We've got all sorts of dogs. Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, etc... Any dog can do the work but there are some breeds that are pre-disposed to the work.

What kind of searches do the dogs perform?

There are typically 4 types of searches for canines.

  1. Tracking - Following a target's footprints specifically.
  2. Trailing - Following a target's scent.
  3. Air Scenting - Finding any potential target in a given area.
  4. HRD (Human Remains) - Finding the scent of human remains in a given area.

How much time does it take to become a volunteer?

There is typically a weekly practice some place in the Western PA area for the entire team. These practices can last 2-4 hours, not counting commuting time. In addition, practicing at home with your canine, if you have one is a good idea.

Do I have to have a dog to become a member?

No. You can become a member and help work the dogs, hide for them, or just come out and hang out with them. We're always looking for simulated victims for the dogs to find.